I dreamed that I was standing upside down, the opposite sex fell, and the relationship with the other half was a little cold, not as close as before.

  Singles dream of headstands, and recently hesitated about lack of courage and determination in love.

  Dreaming of walking upside down with your hands, you will have good luck recently, because bats are sleeping upside down. Bats are blessed, and the blessings are also posted upside down. But this good luck would not work for someone with the surname Yang or a sheep .

  Dreaming of walking with your hands upside down indicates that you will have a good income recently.

  Dreaming of others walking with their hands upside down means that they will miss the opportunity to make money.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Dream headstand, fierce. The head is in the ground, the feet are on the upside, and the person who dreams of the Enron is sticking to his pot; Mysterious Dreams