Dreaming that others have a lot of wealth, life will be wild and extravagant.

The businessman dreamed that there was a lot of property and that the business would lose a lot.

A woman dreams that there is a lot of property that will disturb her child's safety.

Dreaming of a lot of wealth will make you sad.

Dreaming of finding a hidden treasure means that it will cost a lot of money in lawsuits.

Dreaming of inheriting a large fortune means suffering.

The married woman dreamed of inheriting the hidden property, and her parents would die.

Unmarried men dream of inheriting underground treasures, and will suffer heavy losses because of adopting business methods.

The man dreamed of inheriting movable property and encountered pain.

But the woman dreamed of inheriting movable property and she was framed.

Dreaming of buying property, the family will soon have a wedding.

A woman dreams of buying property and her husband will get sick.