A woman dreaming of planting grapes means a happy family life, a rich partner, and filial piety.

Men dream of grape vines, suggesting success in work, it will be successful.

The old man dreamed that planting vines would be in good health, live a long life, and enjoy the happiness and joy of the same family brought by the fifth generation.

The merchant dreamed of planting vines, and the omen that the next sale would make a big profit for the dreamer.

Dream case study of vines ()

Description of the dream: In the dream, I walked into a vineyard. All the grapes were planted in the garden. Looking at the vines in the garden, I somehow got the idea to grow grapes. I want to wait until next year, and I will plant a tree in front of my courtyard. (Female, 30 years old)

Dreamland analysis: The vine in the dream symbolizes success, happiness and health. Men dream of vines and will surely succeed in their careers. A woman dreaming of a vine means that the family is harmonious and happy, and the family lives happily. The old man dreamed of vines, which meant that his children were filial, and Shoubi Nanshan.