Dreaming that you are being swept away by the rapids indicates that your loss will be very shocking because of negligence and indulging in a life full of temptations.

Dreaming of a torrent of torrents means that there are conflicts in life that are difficult to reconcile, or that you feel that you are conquered by some power.

Dreaming of flowing downstream along the water means that everything will go as you wish. For the person you like, you can launch a love letter offensive, and the hope of success is great.

Dreaming of swimming against the current indicates that friendship will deteriorate. Classmates who don't usually get along may have insidious tactics against you. Be careful not to fall into other people's traps.

Dream of water flow continuous, to marry up.

Dreaming that the current is very clear and big, good luck, and handy in doing things.

Dreaming of rising rivers and seas, good luck and prosperous business.