Dreaming that night is shrouded, it means that the expectation cannot be realized, and will make an unfortunate risk for this expectation. The outcome is failure and disappointment.

Seeing stars in the clear blue sky in your dreams are shining brilliantly, which symbolizes that although there are reasons and difficulties, a bright future is waiting for you.

If men and women in love dream of walking in the dark, it means that the marriage has broken up due to the departure of one of them.

To dream of moonlight at night is a symbol of happiness, which means that no matter what you do, the dreamer will feel happy and beautiful;

An unmarried man dreams of a moonlight night, it is auspicious;

To dream that the night will soon pass, indicates that the dreamer will be strong, energetic, and full of energy;

The patient dreams that the night will soon end, which indicates that the dreamer will soon recover from illness;

A married woman dreams of a moonless night, implying that the dreamer wants to love her husband, but is unable to do so, reminding the dreamer to guard the deep feelings between the husband and wife as always;

Dreaming that there is no moon at night becomes a symbol of difficulty;

A woman dreams that there is no moon in the night, which means that the dreamer is a little powerless in family life and cannot please her husband. It reminds the dreamer that she should frankly admit her shortcomings and shortcomings to her husband, and let go of past pride and vanity;

Dreaming of evening and twilight means that the dreamer may encounter disasters. It reminds the dreamer to watch the changes, don’t panic when things happen, and be calm when things happen.