Dreaming of a hard rock indicates that the desire of a lifetime will bring you troubles and frustrations.

Dreaming of big and small stones means that you will have countless difficulties and failures in the future, and you must overcome them one by one; if you dream of small stones or broken stones, it means that you have little troubles in the near future.

To dream of running on a stone road indicates that your health will get worse.

To dream of being embarrassed or thrown a stone indicates that you have enough reasons to teach others, but you should stop at it. Dreaming that you were thrown a stone by someone means that you are ashamed and you should reflect on yourself and try to make up for it.

To dream of throwing stones into the well indicates that the luck of the opposite sex is very smooth. You can look forward to happy love, but be careful not to go on a date at the beach or lakeside, because there are difficulties in the water.

To dream of a rock flying in the air indicates that you will suffer unprovoked accusations. In the classroom, the classmates sitting next to him released silent gas, but you were treated as a suspect, and so on. At this time, you must not be silent, and resolutely confess your innocence.

To dream of hitting a tortoise with a stone indicates that the danger will come from the enemy.

Dreaming of smashing a frog with a rock indicates that you will soon move to work.

To dream of throwing a small stone into the distance indicates that there is a high possibility of accidentally encountering an acquaintance. The place, the most likely is the powder room in department stores and other places.

To dream of running on a rocky ground means that the enemy will chase and try to defeat yourself.

Dreaming of throwing a stone in the Xiangjing well means that you have a good relationship with the opposite sex. I believe that you will enjoy a happy love life soon, but you must avoid dating where there is water, which may cause flooding.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The stone in the dream represents stability and endurance, but at the same time it also symbolizes the lack of emotion. Chiseling stones means wanting to create an eternal memorial or to be free from rigidity.

Psychoanalysis: The stone or the stone as the symbol of dream has many representative meanings. If a stone is crushed, it is a sign of severe trauma. If you dream of becoming a stone, it means that you stand firm. If you dream of being stoned to death, it means that you are suffering from guilt and must be punished for your negligent behavior.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, the stone in the dream symbolizes the immortality and unbreakable reality of reality.