Dreaming of candles burning may cause health problems. If you go to school or work by bike , you must be very careful to avoid trauma or fractures, not to mention your own body suffering, and also delay your studies and work. It will be difficult to make up in the future.

Dreaming of candles indicates that the dreamer is healthy, able to live a hundred years, and live for a long time in the current environment. It may also mean that you will receive exciting and good news.

Scholars dream of candles, indicating that the dreamer will achieve very high achievements, become famous, and become a pivotal person in society.

The businessman dreams of candles indicates that the dreamer's business is progressing step by step. As long as he persists, he can make a lot of money.

To dream of lighting a candle indicates that the dreamer's life will be improved, the quality of life can be greatly improved, and a higher level of life enjoyment can be experienced.

Dreaming that the candle goes out indicates that the dreamer may be in danger of getting sick. Pay attention to your own health. Don't take it lightly if there is a problem, and see a doctor in time.

A pregnant woman dreams of candles indicates that the dreamer’s child is growing up healthily and does not need too much psychological burden, as long as she takes care of her body is right.

To dream of burning candles indicates that the dreamer’s body is gradually weakening and may easily get sick. It is necessary to pay attention to rest and strengthen physical exercise, and also pay attention to personal safety.