Dreaming of a landslide, on the one hand, it may be excessive work and life stress, and anxiety; on the other hand, it may indicate that your physical health is down, there is a hidden danger of serious illness, or a loved one may encounter unexpected changes.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Dream landed. The south was plagued by disasters, the east and west were all ominous, the north was sunk, and the central was trapped. You must look at its position to determine the good and bad of things. "Secret Secretary"

Dreaming of sinking, worried mother died. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreaming of the trapped person, the house is disturbed. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreaming of the hall sinking, worrying about officials. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

In front of the dream hall, the main culprit. Suffering from his wife's anxiety, all his achievements, business, migration, litigation, marriage, etc. are not good fortune. Mysterious Dreams

Case Study of Dreaming of Landfall

Description of the dream: The dream I was most afraid of was the dream of falling down. That dream was really terrible. I dreamed that the sky was so scary. I stood at the window and suddenly found that the sky was sinking in the distance. I was so scared that I closed my eyes and it was terrible. (Female, 35 years old)

Analysis of dreams: dreams that fall into the sky represent health problems. Dreaming that the sky is falling down shows that there is extreme fear in your heart, and there is some anxiety and discouragement, so you will have such a dream. Dreaming of a landslide suggests that you or your loved ones may have health problems. But don't worry, as long as you get timely treatment, you will recover soon.