Fire dream mountain molten rock, indicating that you communicate with people in the near future will be unexpectedly successful, you are very welcome.

Dreaming about lava implies that you have made an important choice recently. At that time, you were psychologically inexplicably panicked. However, time has finally proven that your choice is good for you. This dream is caused by your excessive panic emotions. The dissipation of the anxiety energy caused by the residue is also a sign of your mind becoming relaxed.

Dreaming of feeling lava rolling, indicating a situation or feeling out of control, strong and difficult to control.

Dreaming of solidified lava signified that enthusiasm had cooled.

Dreaming of a volcanic eruption is a dangerous sign, which means that money comes easily and quickly, and lives are spent, or property is not obtained from the right path, which will provoke a lawsuit or be counted after getting rich, but will be more Big loss.

Dreaming of a volcanic eruption means that you will have a fierce quarrel with others, which will damage the integrity you have built up. If it is a woman dreaming, it means that you are selfish and greedy, and you will do something adventurous and bad.

Dreaming of a volcanic eruption implies that the dreamer will be frustrated because he failed to achieve his purpose.

The patient dreamed of a volcanic eruption, suggesting that there is hope for the dreamer to recover.

The merchant dreamed of a volcanic eruption, implying that the dreamer would encounter strong and the economy would suffer.

Dreaming of the extinct volcano, heralding the dreamer can make a new one.