Dreaming of the fish flying to the water means that everything goes well.

Dreaming that the wish to walk on the water is about to be achieved. But holding hands will not help, you must work hard to fight for it.

Dreaming of the plane flying over the water is a sign that happiness is about to come. Singles indicate that the object is about to appear, and those who are in love may be nearing the event. If the plane flying over the water suddenly falls in a dream, it means that happiness is gone, and disaster is about to come.

Dreaming of myself in the water, feeling cold or hot, this is a good dream, which means that things that worry you must be resolved, and work is progressing smoothly.

Dreaming that the snake is in the water means that you will be promoted, and this is based on your strength, so colleagues will admire you very much and will cooperate with you to make your work go smoothly.

Dreaming of floating in the water without worrying about sinking, it means that your health is good and your work is progressing fast. If you dream of sinking in the water and have a feeling of struggle, it means that you will encounter difficulties at work and make you exhausted.

Dreaming that his shadow was shining on the water surface of the well, indicating a red light in his academic studies. Maybe all unsuccessful subjects fail, and the teacher's reproach is inevitable.