The riverbank is usually an image of a safe zone in your consciousness, which indicates that you need to feel inner security.

The tortuous river bank in the dream means that the dreamer will succeed after working hard to overcome the difficulties; the beautiful and peaceful river bank in the dream indicates that the dreamer's emotions will be smooth and he will have a happy life.

The man dreamed of walking on the river bank, foreshadowing new progress in the dreamer's work.

The woman dreamed that walking on the river bank meant to get involved in the relationship of the opposite sex.

If the embankment in the dream is high, your subconscious may have noticed the obstacles ahead, indicating that it will go backwards or stop; if the river on the other side of the embankment is clearly visible, and if you have If you used to have the impulse to wash clothes and carry water, and you feel convenient, you may benefit from the restoration of some old relationship.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Dream water has shore, Kyrgyzstan. Chufan trillion this dream of detergent. Mysterious Dreams