Lightning usually symbolizes inspiration or indicates that things will go smoothly without any hindrance. In love, like the sparks on the ground, the short-lived dazzling feeling of lightning also has a sexual meaning, symbolizing the pleasure of climax and semen.

If the lightning flashes above your head from time to time in your dream, it means that you are going through a difficult phase, like walking in the night, and you can't figure out the direction. But don't worry, the darkness is only temporary. As long as you persist in the end, you will eventually defeat your opponents, get out of the darkness, and survive the difficult times.

After dreaming about the thunder and lightning, the surroundings fell into darkness, indicating that disaster will come, which may fall on your own head, or on the person you are protecting. If in your dreams a lightning click hurts you, you will avoid the catastrophe you are about to face.

Dreaming of lightning foreshadowed ephemeral happiness and short-term success.

Dreaming that lightning strikes the objects around you, you also feel the shock, which indicates that your friend's good fortune will bring you losses, or that it will be annoying because of gossip and malicious slander.

Dreaming of white lightning tearing thick black clouds, indicates that your destiny will be full of sadness and trouble.

Dreaming that lightning strikes you, indicates that the unexpected sadness in love or career will make you overwhelmed.

Dream of the lightning above your head, announce that you will make a profit, and feel happy.

Dreaming of seeing the lightning bolt to the south indicates that good luck will smile at you, but all of a sudden.

Dreaming of seeing lightning in the southwest indicates good luck is coming.

Dreaming that lightning is in the West indicates that your future is bright and extraordinary.

Dreaming of seeing lightning in the north means that you must successfully overcome many obstacles to reach a glorious future.

Dreaming of lightning in the east means that you can win the favor and money of others, and it is easy.

Dreaming of a very dazzling lightning indicates that you may want to go to a foreign country for vacation.

Dreaming of lightning in the distance reminds you to be careful of property damage or unpleasant things.

The students dreamed of lightning, suggesting that they are thinking quickly and expecting to achieve outstanding results.

For people with wind signs, there may be a casual conflict with classmates;

For those in the water sign, things that have not been decided a few days ago should be decided immediately under the light of lightning;

For people in the fire sign, if they are going to take an exam , they will definitely have good results;

For people in the earth sign, if the academic performance is already good, the performance in the future should be stable and rising.

Dreaming of constant lightning, unable to see the road, and had to walk in the dark, it means that the dreamer will use his own efforts to remove obstacles and achieve success.

Dreaming that she was almost injured by lightning, she said that she could avoid misfortunes.

Dreaming of thunder and lightning when going out means that work is not smooth and can only be employed by people.

The girl dreamed that the lightning flashed and thundered, indicating that her future husband was from the famous family.

The patient dreamed of lightning flashes and thunder, not far from the days of physical recovery.

Farmers dream of lightning, heralding a possible drought or famine in the near future.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Meng Dian is dazzling, and the owner is noble. "Secret Secretary"

In the dream of falling down the mountain, Kyrgyzstan, the sorrow of the Lord's worries dissipated. The patient recovered quickly, the official affairs were proper, and his tongue was scattered. Women dream that the Lord aborted or died. Mysterious Dreams

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Lightning Lord goes well. Lightning will never be interrupted by anything, as long as it appears, it will reach its own standard, which means that things go smoothly and there is no obstacle.

Psychoanalysis: Dreaming of a very dazzling lightning, suggesting that you are going far away, and you have plans for a trip recently. Dreaming of lightning in the distance is an ominous sign, implying loss and misfortune. The students dreamed of lightning, and it was an auspicious sign. The girl dreamed that thunder and lightning was a good sign, and she would marry a prestigious family and live a happy life ever since. The patient dreamed of lightning, a sign of good fortune, and his body would recover soon. Farmers dream of lightning, an ominous omen, suggesting drought and famine.