Dreaming of a gentle westerly wind indicates that in order to pursue your love, you do not hesitate to sacrifice wealth. Finally, in the process of courtship, you will find that you both love each other deeply.

The young woman dreamed that the west wind was blowing lightly, and she felt inexplicable sorrow, indicating that her loved one would have to leave her, and for a while she would be full of thoughts.

The married woman dreamed that the wind was cold and her body was so cold that she would soon be invited back to her family.

Dreaming of getting cold, I warn you to be careful of your affairs. Someone is working to destroy you; your health is also threatened.

Dreaming of biting cold winds means that dreamers will get good news and cheer themselves up.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Dream Frozen, Ji, Lord's good luck will return. Only business is bad. Mysterious Dreams