Dreaming that the air is fresh and sunny, it means that you have a happy family and a happy life, and you have a few loyal and reliable friends. Everything can be rest assured.

In my dream, the breeze in the air is slowly, indicating that you will have good luck.

The wind in my dreams feels unpleasant and can be painful or unfortunate.

Breathing fragrant wind in the dream means that the recent travel is safe, or the career is successful.

The businessman dreamed of the fragrance, and it was a great success and prosperity.

The patient dreamed of the fragrance, indicating that the body would be restored to health.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Mengqi emerged from the nose and mouth as haze and ji. Dan Tian is so alive, so I have this dream. Mysterious Dreams

Mengqi emerged from Yangwu, Ji. Mysterious Dreams

The dream was dark, fierce, and the image of a prisoner. Mysterious Dreams

Dreams are like fire, Kyrgyzstan. Mysterious Dreams

Dreams are neon, fierce, and the Lord has incurable diseases. Mysterious Dreams