Fields represent human capabilities. In dreams, flooded fields often represent unpleasant things.

Dreaming that your field is flooded, foreshadowing that you will encounter bad things.

Dreaming of someone else's field being flooded means that they will lose money.

Dreaming of flooding flooded the field, heralding loss.

The businessman dreamed that the business would flourish and the business would go well.

Dreaming of floods flooding the earth and washing you away means that illness, unsuccessful work, or emotional unhappiness may fall on you. Be careful.

Dreaming that the storm flooded the field, indicating that something unpleasant was likely to happen. Maybe it happened that I was sitting in the car with the most annoying teacher.

Dreaming of the field indicates that you have a pivotal place in the place. If your dream field is covered with weeds, it means that you may learn a technique and become rich from then on. Dreaming that you buy a field indicates that your family is rich and many people will respect you.

Dreaming that the sun and the moon are submerged, this is a fierce dream, which means that your business property has reached its peak period. If you don't work hard, you can't go beyond the present. If the sun and the moon fall in the mountains, it means that the parents may get sick and take good care of them.