Dreaming that the wind is blowing slowly, it means that love will further develop. If you want to be closer to the person you love in secret, you don't need to hesitate to start an offensive. Contact method, it is best to use the phone, not to be found by the teacher!

Dreaming of a breeze blowing, it means that you will give up your interest in order to get rid of a worldly prejudice, but in the end you find that the emotion you are after is not what you want, and it feels like a waste .

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Wind appears in dreams, symbolizing reason. The significance of this dream depends mainly on wind. For example, a gentle breeze brings a sense of relaxation and joy. An imagination or a plan will stimulate your initiative. A storm may represent a principle you warmly support, and a north wind symbolizes a threat to your safety.

Psychological analysis: At the psychological level, wind represents a new and deeper consciousness. In the Bible, the gods come into roaring winds. The gale can also symbolize the revelation of God in dreams.

Spiritual Symbol: Wind, symbolizing the movement of spiritual power and life in a dream.