Dreaming that the fields are barren and there is not a single crop: Contrary to the scene in the dream, you will be lucky in both public and private and have a bright future. However, if the vegetables in the vegetable garden wilt, there will be disputes at home. If the vegetables grow To be prosperous, it means that money can be profitable. ( Dreamsmeaning Book )

To dream of standing alone in the wasteland indicates that the dreamer has unfulfilled feelings, loneliness or isolation;

To dream of standing on the wasteland with others indicates that the relationship between each other is not beneficial or fruitless;

Dreaming of land reclamation means that the difficulties faced by the dreamer come from home, and there will be disputes of tongues;

Couples without children dream of opening up wasteland, it means that they will give birth to unfilial children;

A businessman dreams of wasteland means that his business will suffer losses.

Wasteland is difficult, fields represent wealth, and wasteland means difficulties.

Dreaming of wasteland means that you will encounter difficulties soon and you need to prepare as soon as possible.

Zhougong Stock Market

Dreaming that the fields are barren, the stock market implies ultra deserted. But if the vegetables wilt, the stock price will fall, and it will be bright green, which is a sign of increase.