Dreaming of strong winds and good luck, good news will come soon.

Dreaming of a whirlwind or gale, life will be happy.

Dreaming of strong winds usually indicates a threat, and there may be dramatic changes in your life. If you are in love, be careful of being violated. In addition, the strong wind may symbolize the sudden release of feelings, extreme anger, or a devastating outbreak.

Dreamed that the strong wind would explain some news from the outside world.

In general, dreaming of strong winds indicates bad news recently, and it also represents an unstable factor.

Dreaming that the wind blows down the house, which indicates that you may encounter unexpected accidents, especially in the physical aspect, pay attention to safety and do not be stubborn.

Dreaming that it is difficult to move forward in the strong wind, which indicates a business failure or a trouble at work.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream description: If the dreamer feels a cross in the dream, it means that he is aware of external forces or circumstances that affect him. If the dreamer creates the airflow himself, it means that he is trying to clarify the atmosphere.

Psychoanalysis: In the colorful and super-sense life, the cold air current represents the existence of the mind. It symbolizes the message from the hidden part of the self in the dream.

Spiritual Symbol: The Holy Spirit turns into an airflow, enabling his followers to spread the gospel.