Dreaming of earthquake clouds may be due to the frequent occurrence of earthquakes now , and you are also quite worried. In addition, it may be that your emotions are suppressed. For example, the suppressed lust and passion deep in your heart, you are very eagerly looking forward to the catharsis of desire. Or the repression of a secret desire in your heart. For this, you may have realized that this desire is in danger of engulfing or destroying your life, so you have been rationally restrained. It may also represent creativity that you cannot release.

Dreaming of "earthquake cloud" means that you are very concerned about this matter in your heart, worrying about an earthquake, thinking about it by day and dreaming by night.

The correlation between the so-called "earthquake cloud" and earthquake is not obvious. The phenomenon of "earthquake cloud" may be seen frequently, but earthquakes near us are not common. Some people even put a few hundred in order to support the argument of "earthquake cloud". Earthquakes that are kilometers away and thousands of kilometers away are all pulled in to respond, which does not conform to basic common sense. Second, "earthquake clouds" are meteorological phenomena that occur in the sky and earthquakes occur in the earth's crust. If there is an impact, it will also affect the ground first. Instead of abnormal phenomena on the ground, it will affect the sky over several kilometers. The third is to dream of "earthquake cloud", which means that you are very concerned about the matter in your heart, and you are worried about an earthquake.

Dreaming that the sky suddenly became densely covered with clouds, which means that there are shadows in health. Pay particular attention to diseases of the digestive system. Stop eating snacks such as burgers and red bean soup on the way home.

Dreaming of riding a roller coaster indicates whether you are satisfied with your sexual desires. If you are scared while sitting in the dream, it means that the relationship between you and your lover is overwhelming, and if you feel that you are sitting very happy, it means You are satisfied with sex.

Dreaming of gray-black clouds implies that it is best not to take some major actions recently, otherwise it will only be futile and will add a lot of trouble; in addition, you should also pay attention to catching a small cold.

Dreaming of colorful clouds is a very auspicious dream. It means that you will have a fairly long period of time and your work will be very smooth. If you are a businessman, you will have the opportunity to make a fortune as long as you operate carefully.