Dreaming of earthquake clouds may be due to the frequent occurrence of earthquakes now , and you are also quite worried. In addition, it may be that your mood is suppressed. For example, deep-pressed passions and passions in your heart, you are very eagerly looking forward to venting your desires. Or the suppression of a secret wish in your heart, for which you may have realized that this kind of wish is in danger of engulfing or destroying your life, so you have been struggling rationally. It may also indicate that you cannot release creativity.

Dreaming of the "earthquake cloud" means that you are very concerned about this matter, worrying about an earthquake, thinking about it, and dreaming at night.

The correlation between the so-called "seismic cloud" and the earthquake itself is not obvious. The phenomenon of "seismic cloud" may often be seen, but earthquakes near us are not common. Some people even support the "seismic cloud" statement by even hundreds of Earthquakes of kilometers and thousands of kilometers are brought in to correspond, which is not in line with basic common sense. Second, the "seismic cloud" is a meteorological phenomenon that occurs in the sky and an earthquake occurs in the earth's crust. If there is an impact, it will also be affected on the surface first. There will be no abnormalities on the surface but it will affect the sky more than a few kilometers. The third is to dream about "earthquake clouds", which means that you are very concerned about this matter, worrying about an earthquake, thinking about it, dreaming at night, and nothing else.

Dreaming that the sky was suddenly overcast, showing that there was a shadow in health. Pay particular attention to diseases of the digestive system. Stop eating hamburgers, red bean soup and other snacks on your way home.

Dreaming of riding a roller coaster represents whether your sexual desire is satisfied. If you are scared while sitting in a dream, it means that your relationship with your lover has overshot, and if you feel happy sitting, You are content with sex.

Dreaming of a gray-black cloud is suggesting that you'd better not take some major actions lately, otherwise it will only be futile and will cause a lot of trouble; you should also pay attention to catching a small cold.

Dreaming of colorful clouds is a very auspicious dream, which means that you will have a fairly long period of time, and your work will be very smooth. If you are a businessman, as long as you are careful, you will have a chance to get rich.