The rising sun in the dream is very auspicious, meaning smoothness and happiness.

Dreaming of the rising sun indicates that the dreamer is healthy and successful;

Dreaming of the rising sun, indicating that the dreamer is in a new rising stage in his studies or work, and everything will be smooth sailing;

If the dreamer is a young girl with a passion for love, or a girl in love, her love will be full of vitality, full of happiness, harmony and beauty, sweet and sweet.

A man dreams of Chaoyang, and if he has good luck, life will be happy.

A woman dreams of Chaoyang and wants to have a boy. When the child grows up, she will become an outstanding figure.

The man dreamed of the setting sun and was doomed.

A married woman dreams of the setting sun and gives birth to a girl.

The unmarried woman dreamed of the setting sun and wanted to marry a poor man.

Dreaming of the noon sun will be ascended.

The patient dreamed of the noon sun and soon recovered.

Dreaming that the sun was suddenly covered by dark clouds, the unlucky days were coming.

Dreaming that the sun was falling on his bed was not a good sign, and meant to be sick.

Dreaming that the house is full of sunshine, life will be happy and enjoyable.

Dreaming that the sun is so hot that you will suffer from eye diseases.

Businessmen dream of the hot sun, and business will lose money.

Tourists dream of the scorching sun and encounter many difficulties and accidents along the way.

Dreaming of sleeping under the sun, you will be in trouble, but you will succeed in the end.