Dreaming that thunder and lightning continue to occur, your love may suffer a little twists and turns, somehow, the two people have always been arguing about some trivial things recently, but don’t be too nervous, these few small fights will not lead to completeness. A broken situation. Even so, you still have to be more tolerant!

Dreams of thunder and lightning, storms and storms, indicate that your recent fortune is not very good, but if you are usually cautious, not eager for quick success, not open, broad-minded, and generous, you can avoid the occurrence of misfortunes. If the dreamer is a very prominent person, or if there is a dragon in the dream, it is very auspicious.

Dreaming of thunder and lightning keeps appearing, which is frightening, indicating that your luck will have twists and turns, and people in love will have quarrels.

Dreaming of thunder indicates that the dreamer is full of fear.

If you dream of thunder, it implies that the dreamer will suffer great mental suffering in the near future. The fear of thunder in the dream is the fear of reality. The dreamer at this time is relatively fragile, and a little frustrated with chaotic things.

Dreaming of thunder means that the dreamer may encounter a sudden blow,

Dreaming of heavy thunder indicates that the dreamer may have heart attacks.

A married woman dreams of heavy rain and thunder, will love her husband more.

An unmarried woman dreams of pouring rain and roaring thunder, she will marry a famous person.

A businessman dreams of thunder will make a fortune.

The patient dreamed of heavy rain and roaring thunder, and his body would soon recover.

The prisoner dreamed of heavy rain and thunder and would soon be released from prison.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream of thunder and storm. This dream can be frightening or dangerous, it can be repaired, it can be saved, it can be moved or avoided, it can be endured, and it must be cautious. The nobles get it, or see the dragon, the master is lucky. Menglin Xuanjie