Dreaming that the thunder fire burns the jacket, which indicates that it can gain fame, profit from business, and have delicious food and wine.

The patient dreamed that the fire was burned by the thunder, indicating that the disease would be cured.

Those who attacked the government and private affairs dreamed that the fire was burning on their jackets, indicating that they would win.

Dreaming of heavy rain and thunder roared, indicating that the dreamer's body will soon recover.

Dreaming of a thunderstorm, her dream career will be successful.

The married woman dreamed of a thunderstorm, suggesting that the dreamer would be more of her husband.

The unmarried woman dreamed of heavy rain and thunder, suggesting that the dreamer would marry a person of fame.

The businessman dreamed of a thunderous cue, suggesting that the dreamer would make a fortune.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Meng Lei burned the jacket. In order to get rid of the illusory of the green, the fame and success will be achieved, and the patient will be healed. Profit transactions, drink good wine, eat good food. Mysterious Dreams