To dream of a thunderbolt in the blue sky means a shocking emergency. It is very possible that unexpected bad news will come out suddenly, or a sudden blow or sudden change that caught you off guard will shock you. Be mentally prepared early.

Dreaming of going out, there are many difficulties to improve when thundering on a sunny day.

The student dreams of thunder and lightning, which means it is auspicious omen and can achieve excellent exam results.

To dream of a power outage due to thunder means that your fortune is improving. Even if there are many worries and worries, they will be resolved quickly and unexpectedly.

The male patient dreamed of thunder and lightning, indicating that his body would recover.

The girl dreamed of thunder and lightning, indicating that it was a good omen and that she would marry a prestigious family.

Dreaming of thundering on a sunny day when you are out in the dream, which means that you are facing difficulties in order to improve.

To dream of lightning flashing in the distance indicates that you will suffer loss and misfortune.

To dream of continuous thunder, implies that you will find something on the road. Maybe you will find a wallet on the way to school ...but it can't be used as a pre-existing one!