Dreaming of a power outage due to thunder. If this is the case, you may feel unlucky, but fortunately it is a dream, and it is still a good sign, it shows that your fortune is getting better. Even if you have a lot of worries and concerns, and you don't even know where to start, these problems will be solved unexpectedly soon.

Dreaming of a power outage was a sign of good luck, and all the troubles were quickly resolved.

Dreamed of a power outage due to thunder, and luck improved. Even if there are many worries and concerns, they will be resolved unexpectedly soon.

Dreaming of a power outage at night, suggesting that bad things will happen.

Dreaming of thunder may be that in your recent actions or ideological activities, you feel that you have violated your father's point of view or authority, or challenged traditional ideas, so you are panic and full of fear. You will suffer a period of mental torture for this, although in fact you are not necessarily wrong. The fear of thunder in your dreams is actually your subconscious fear of reality or of the notion of authority that is not easy to change. Dreaming of thunder means that when you face it, at the moment, you feel a little fragile, even discouraged. Maybe keep on, you will get unexpected success.

Dreaming of thunder, suggesting that you may be suddenly hit, and be prepared to bear it.

Dreaming that the thunder is very sharp and loud, it means that the troublesome troubles that worry you will soon be resolved successfully.

Dreaming that the thunder and thunder are small or the thunder is continuous, it means that there are friends around you who have been falsifying and insincere. You may already feel that a friend around you is cheating on you, but your reason is unwilling to admit it. Dreaming this is your subconscious reminding you that the doubts in your heart are not without foundation.

Dreaming of thunder, I remind you to watch out for heart diseases. If you feel chest discomfort, go to the hospital in time.

Dreaming of a lightning strike on a tree heralds an emotional opportunity. A swift love is coming, and it will make you feel better or hopeful. If in a dream, lightning strikes a tree and causes it to break and burn, then the coming love will be lightning-like, full of passion, and longing.