Both dreams are annoying because it heralds bad luck. However, no one is always smooth sailing in life, so even if you encounter setbacks, you still have to work hard to do everything well and live every day seriously.

Dreamed that the ice had melted and said he would lose supporters.

Dreaming about skating indicates that the dreamer will encounter obstacles. You need to make some choices at a certain time to be able to better accomplish certain things at hand.

Men dream of ice skating, indicating that dreamers may soon get married . From then on, you will not be able to spend every day drinking and drinking, and you will only be able to work in peace to support your family.

A woman dreams of ice skating, which indicates that the dreamer is very afraid that your lover will go towards dusk, feel insecure, and be abandoned at any time.

The staff dreamed of skating, indicating that the job of the dreamer is not particularly suitable for you, and may not be pleasant, you can consider resigning and changing jobs.

Pregnant women dream of skating, reminding dreamers to pay attention to their bodies, do not do some excessive movements, and think about the baby in the belly.

Businessmen dream of ice skating, indicating that the dreamer's business is not improving, and may not attract any customers to spend, and will face a fortune.

The peasants dream of slippery ice, which indicates that the crops of the dreamers are about to mature, and a big harvest will soon be ushered in.

Students dreaming of ice skating indicate that the academic performance of dreamers is not stable enough, sometimes good and bad, which may be related to your usual learning attitude.