Dreaming of yourself ascending to the sky implies that you have achieved the fruits of your hard work, but you are not blessed to enjoy it.

Young people dream of climbing up the ladder, indicating that they will be promoted step by step from a low position, but there is no more happiness in life.

To dream of meeting a god or a friend in the sky indicates that you will suffer a lot of losses, and you will gradually want to open it over time.

To dream of standing at a high place, as long as you are in a happy mood at the time, it means that the dreamer is dying, but if you feel anxious, it means that you are very responsible in the near future, but the danger is also high.

To dream of standing on the top of the tower means that the tower has more spiritual meaning. Such a dream means that you will become a leader in the spirit, command thousands of troops, can be admired by people, and become a role model or idol for people. .

To dream of standing on the edge of a cliff, with the abyss in front and flat ground in the back, one step forward to pieces, one step back to the vast sky, indicates that you may be facing a critical period of choice recently, and you need to think carefully and make a decision for the next step. If you choose the wrong one, It means that you are about to face a road full of thorns, and the right choice will lead to you.

In the dream, the high places represent power and wealth, etc., and the low places represent poverty, bad things, and so on. Standing on a high place means that you are at the center of power and weight, while falling from a high place means that you may experience a turning point in your life, and your life will experience earth-shaking changes.

Dreaming of standing on a high place but falling, it means that the dreamer is potentially unconfident, and may have a decline in social status and work performance.