Dreaming that the roof or trees are freezing, it means that you are very dissatisfied with your current standard of living. You have always wanted to be able to make a lot of money and live a rich life. This is also a warning sign of poor health.

Dream case analysis of icing

Dream description: Icing is a normal natural phenomenon, but it is strange to dream of freezing in a warm room. When I got up early in the morning, I got dressed to wash my face, and suddenly I found that the water in the basin was freezing. I think it's weird. The house isn't cold. Why is it freezing? (Male, 36)

Dream Analysis: Dreaming of ice is a symbol of good luck. But dreaming of icing indicates that you are not doing well, indicating that your current luck is not very good, so you will encounter some troubles when doing things, making things not go smoothly. Dreaming that the river is frozen indicates that your current plan is not easy to develop further. So now it's best to put the plan down first, in case nothing happens.

But if the snow and ice melt, it represents the beginning of a difficult solution and hope. If you dream that the earth ice has melted, it means that many things that have caused you difficulties have been solved, and it is interesting that you have the opportunity to make money because of this. If you dream that the surrounding environment will begin to ice and snow, which indicates that your career has passed a more difficult time, a prosperous situation will begin to appear.