Dreaming of violent wind is a symbol of resistance and injury, and a manifestation of inner distress.

To dream of a sudden violent wind and a typhoon means that changes in the social environment or policies will have a great impact on your life, and you will be caught off guard. You should adjust your mentality.

A man dreams of a violent wind roaring means that he will encounter greater resistance at work.

A woman dreams of a violent wind roaring indicates that she will be deeply hurt emotionally.

Pregnant women dream of strong winds, and there will be some difficulties and obstacles in the birth process.

To dream of a strong wind and a house being blown down is that your business will be affected by others and close down. The worst dream, and the dream of trees being blown off, also means that you will suffer unexpected disasters.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

The wind roars, and the Lord believes far away. ( Dreamsmeaning Book ) (provided by http:///ziran/kuangfengdazuo.html)

There was a strong wind in the dream, and it was lucky. The Lord has an image of mopping up evil and filth in everything. ( Menglin Xuanjie )

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: There is a strong wind in the dream, which symbolizes a destructive and huge energy. It often involves strong feelings and excitement that make you feel powerless. The strong wind symbolizes resistance to oneself and expresses destructive power.

Psychoanalysis: The strong wind in the dream may seem destructive at first, but it can also have a purifying effect, which is of great significance to you. It removes all obstacles that stand in front of itself, which is conducive to a fresh start.

Spiritual symbol: Your early mental efforts may make you look exhausted and all energy has been exhausted. However, there is tranquility and peace in the center of the swirling storm.

A case study of dreaming of strong winds

【Dream Case 1】

In my dream, I was walking alone in the autumn street. It is late autumn, and the pavement on the street is full of falling leaves, which makes people feel desolate. Suddenly, a strong wind blew in the sky, and the screaming wind blew the sky dimly. (Female, 28 years old)

Dream analysis: The dream of the raging wind horn is a symbol of resistance and injury. Dreaming of violent wind and rage is a manifestation of the hardship in your heart. A man dreams of a violent wind screaming means that you will encounter greater resistance at work. A woman dreams of a violent wind screaming indicates that you will be deeply hurt emotionally.

[Dream Case 2]

I had a dream last night, dreaming of a strong wind, and I held on to an iron pillar. After the strong wind, I saw that the west room of the main house of my hometown was blown down by the wind.

Dream analysis: This is a dream that foreshadows a certain event. Gale is some kind of sudden event. You yourself cling to an iron pillar, foretelling that in this upcoming event, you will be prepared and safe, and there will be basically no loss. The west wing of the main hall of the hometown is generally occupied by the older generation. Therefore, this indicates that some of the older generation in your family (probably from the hometown) will suffer "significant losses" due to this incident. I can't elaborate on how big it is. You will know afterwards. I would like to express my condolences first. In addition, it can be judged from this dream that you often watch foreign movies. If this is true, you believe it; if not, you are all nonsense up front.