Dreaming of a rabbit running in the wilderness indicates that the opportunity to have a relationship has arrived. The location of the occurrence may be a cold drink shop, a bookstore, etc.

Dreaming of a rainbow hanging on the wilderness indicates that there is something financially wrong. The wallet is tied too loosely and it is easy to waste. Be careful not to buy impulsively.

To dream of Frost in the wilderness indicates that there is a mental problem. I was stubborn all day, and I didn't have the energy to do things. The reason is that staying up late, reading novels at night should be adequate, adequate sleep is the most important thing.

Dreaming of dark clouds rising on the plain indicates that self-assertion is too strong. Be careful not to suffer from the joint rejection of your friends, especially your words and deeds.

Dreaming of the plains of the Pingchuan River indicates that you have rich imagination. The broad prospects are naturally very exciting, but also secretly fearful. Dreaming this inspires you to build up the necessary courage and determination.

Dreaming of the grassland indicates that you are an extraordinary person.

Dreaming of being on the grassland with friends, unexpected good things will happen.

A young woman dreams of crossing a grassland. If the grass is green and vibrant, it indicates that her situation will be very favorable; if the grassland is barren and the grass dies, it means that she will feel very uncomfortable and lonely.