I dreamed that springs are constantly flowing, and I always feel that the prices are now high, that's okay. After this dream, you can go to the streets more, you may be able to buy good things at good prices, such as you talk to the owner very much Come, he may give you a 50% discount, or you may accidentally buy valuables at cheap stalls.

Dreaming of spring water means that the dreamer's life is sweet and happy;

Dreaming of bathing in the spring water , reminding dreamers not to try to do things that are quite dangerous;

A woman dreams of spring water, which means that the child is physically fit without having to worry about his parents;

When men dream of spring water, it means that the dreamer must share his happiness with others, and use the rich heart to help the poor, and he will become famous.

I dreamed that the spring water sprayed high, reminding the dreamers that when there is an opportunity in love, they must grasp it and take the initiative to attack, they will pursue happiness;

Dreamed of taking up spring water to drink, good fortune. Implies that the dreamer's economy is growing;

Dreaming that the spring water is muddy, reminding the dreamer to properly handle the interpersonal relationship with friends;