Dreaming of spring water constantly pouring out, I always feel that the price is high now, it doesn’t matter. After this dream, you can go shopping on the street more, you may be able to buy good quality and cheap things, for example, you have a good talk with the store owner. Come, he might give you a 50% discount, or you might be able to accidentally buy expensive things at a cheap stall.

Dreaming of spring water means that the dreamer’s life is sweet and happy;

Dreaming of taking a bath in spring water reminds the dreamer not to try to do things that are quite dangerous;

A woman dreams of spring water means that the child is healthy and does not need parents to worry about;

A man dreams of spring water means that the dreamer wants to share his happiness with others, and he will help the poor with a rich heart, and he will become famous all over the world.

Dreaming that the spring water is spraying very high reminds the dreamer that when there is an opportunity in love, he must grasp it, take the initiative, and pursue happiness;

Dreaming of taking out spring water to drink, good fortune. Implying that the dreamer's economy is in a period of growth;

Dreaming that the spring water is turbid, reminds the dreamer to correctly handle the interpersonal relationship with friends;