Dreaming of cliffs, life and property are under serious threat.

Dreaming of standing on the edge of a cliff, disaster will fall on the head of himself and his family.

Dreaming of falling off a cliff, business will fail.

The married woman dreamed that she fell off the cliff and would be looked down upon by her husband.

The young men and women dreamed that falling off the cliff was an ominous sign, and the best would fail.

Businessmen dream of falling off a cliff and business will be suddenly hit.

The patient dreamed of falling from a cliff in a difficult situation.

The old man dreamed of falling off the cliff and the child would die.

The staff dreamed that they would be fired or fired if they fell under the cliff.

Dreaming of a stranger falling from a cliff can overcome his enemies, but will part ways with his supporters.

Dreaming of his wife falling off a cliff, his wife will be more considerate of himself.

Dreaming that someone pushes himself down a cliff, he will be conspired and may lose his life.

Dreaming of standing on high cliffs heralds unfortunate and catastrophic events.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

See the cliff, the Lord is not good. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreaming of cliffs, in most cases, indicates that your property will be seriously threatened, or your health will be affected. Dreaming of standing on the edge of a cliff, there is a sense of fear of falling down. This is a manifestation of out of control in reality, or has been frightened recently. It is usually a feeling of powerlessness, usually under pressure and Confused performance.

Psychoanalysis: The emergence of cliffs in your dreams usually indicates that you have been too nervous recently.

Spiritual symbol: remind you that no matter what the current situation, you must not make hasty decisions. Struggling not to lose one's ideals, not to lose oneself in the trivialities of daily life.

Dream Case Study

Dream description: Someone dreamed of going to a friend's house and inadvertently took a small path. This road happened to be the way to a friend's house, and he needed to climb a cliff. After climbing for a while, he didn't dare to climb any further, because all the stones to be caught were shaking. This time came a little girl coming down, he told her very dangerous, or let him go. But the girl didn't listen, so she had to come down first and had to let her. When she went down, he was still on the cliff. He tried to climb up. At this time, all the stones he caught fell down. Then he went to grab the other stones, shaking them fiercely, and felt that they would all fall. He might fall at any time. Anyway, he wanted to climb up. After climbing another distance, I just saw the top. He struggled to grasp the tree at the top of the cliff and eventually climbed up on his own. When the man woke up, he sweated coldly and was frightened.

Dream analysis: The cliff in the dream symbolizes difficulty, and climbing the cliff generally represents conquering difficulties and striving hard. The home of a dreamer's friend symbolizes a goal. I dreamed that the stone I caught was shaking, and I might fall at any time, but I continued to climb up hard, which generally reflects the process of overcoming difficulties, and also reflects that the dreamer is not an easy one to give up, and has been persistent. I dreamed of others appearing, but still had to rely on my own efforts, suggesting that I wanted to find someone to help, and finally conquered the difficulties by myself. Successfully climbing up means successfully overcoming difficulties and achieving goals. In general, this dream reflects the dreamer's process of overcoming difficulties, emphasizing persistence and perseverance in pursuing success and achieving goals.