Dreaming that the sky will fall, the omen will be separated from life and death. Pay special attention to the health of the parents and the safety of the disease.

If you dream of ascending to heaven or flying to the sky, it indicates that you have the opportunity to stand out or be promoted. But if you ca n’t get down in the sky, it means that you have a tendency to escape reality.

If light shines in the sky, or if the light is brilliant, it indicates that you will be promoted, or the difficulties will be eliminated, great luck.

Dreaming of a Tianma flying in the sky indicates that your love is good and your career is smooth.

Dreaming of entering the heavenly palace indicates that you will meet nobles.

Dreaming of falling from the sky indicates a big change, or something unpleasant.

Dreaming of walking across the river of the heavens foreshadows that spirituality may lead to epiphany.

Dreaming of sitting in a balloon basket and rising to the sky, be careful to prevent accidents, indicating that you may encounter a traffic accident or accidental injury. Pay special attention when going up and down stairs, crossing the road, sports, cycling, and driving.

Dreaming that the money in your hand is flying to the sky, indicates that you may encounter unexpected financial losses, such as encountering a pickpocket, so be careful.

Dreaming that I climbed the stairs to look at the sky, foreshadow good fortune, and have unexpected income.

Zhou Yi Jie Meng

Dreaming that the sky is falling down, leaving life and death, paying attention to the diseases of both parents.

Dreaming of ascension stands out. But it has never been down in heaven, it is a sign of escapism.

If light shines from the sky, it means promotion, and obstacles are eliminated.

Dreaming of entering the heavenly palace indicates that there are nobles.

A fall from the sky indicates a major change.

Dreaming of walking across the river of heaven means that you will approach the true meaning of life.

If floating in the air, it means that the mental and physical balance is imbalanced.

Dreaming of the red sky, keeping the status quo is all smooth.

Dreaming of the black sky indicates that there will be disputes wherever you go, and those who are sick must pay attention.