To dream of a strong wind blowing down the house, this is a hint of an emergency, especially the body may suffer from a serious illness, and you must be careful not to act aggressively.

Dreaming of strong wind hitting the window means that you will have friends from far away visiting, and you will look back on the good old days together.

To dream of strong wind blowing on the window means "a friend is coming from afar". Perhaps a friend of childhood sweethearts suddenly visits and will have a good memory.

Zhougong Stock Market

Dreaming of strong winds blowing up sand and dust, bad rumors about the stock market flying all over the sky, causing stock prices to fall all at once, creating a chaotic situation.

To dream of strong winds blowing off roof tiles, the stock market will start to fall in price from construction stocks.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: The wind appears in the dream, symbolizing reason. The meaning of this dream mainly depends on the wind. For example, the gentle breeze gives people a relaxed and happy feeling. An imagination or a plan will stimulate your initiative. A storm may represent a principle that you enthusiastically support, and the north wind symbolizes a threat to your safety.

Psychological analysis: On the psychological level, the wind represents a new and deeper consciousness. In the "Bible", the gods come in the form of roaring winds. Gale can also symbolize God's revelation in dreams.

Spiritual symbol: The wind symbolizes the movement of spiritual power and life in dreams.