Dreaming of the high waves coming ferociously, they will be too busy in communication. You may be asked by relatives and friends to discuss love issues or ask you to accompany her to watch a movie. Most of them will be busy with other people's affairs, and others will trust you more.

Dreaming of sudden waves, usually represents the vent of inner feelings, or the imminent changes in life. Generally speaking, marital change, loss of love, and serious illness of family members will make it easy to dream of a wave attack, while the sea is a hotbed for disasters. You are enjoying the holiday leisure with you by the beach. By looking out at the distant sea, suddenly you are paralyzed by the oncoming waves. The waves are higher than the top of the building. You have never seen such a huge wave. As it rushes down, it is extremely fast, and people have no time to deal with this disaster.
  When we encounter difficulties in life and work, the emotional pain will be reflected in the waves in our dreams. Faced with the sudden change in the structure of life that they have been used to, they feel more helpless and helpless.
  Maybe you will be awakened when you see being swept away by the huge waves, but in real life, this is not a sign of disaster. Whether the big wave represents feelings or great changes, or some other situation, it shows that you are deeply trapped at this time and it is difficult to extricate yourself. Escaping reality will only make you unable to exert your talents, so take effective action to face it bravely, and don't let the giant waves obliterate your survival instincts and true feelings in your heart. No matter what the big wave in the dream represents, that kind of tense and anxious moment is inevitable.
  The best way is to face up to the confusion you will encounter and believe that the difficulties are always short-lived and will not last. If you have been hiding your feelings for a long time, you may wish to try a little at this time, keep calm, the waves will come and go naturally, and you will be unscathed and more intelligent.