Evolution is a natural behavior of organisms adapting to a new environment as the environment changes. In dreams, evolution often represents one's own psychology to adapt to a new environment.

Dreaming of monkeys evolving into adults indicates that you will make more friends and can help your career to a higher level.

Dreaming that the dragon tortoise has evolved into an adult, the final result is often very different from the original idea! You originally just wanted to ask three or five friends to buy stationery, but when you get home, you often carry beautiful clothes in large and small bags! Participating in activities related to play, the more likely this situation will occur.

Dreaming of evolution, you will feel intense loneliness lately, but don't lock yourself at home. When everyone wants to be quiet, it’s better to go to the bustling shopping mall alone , not to buy anything , just to experience the noisy loneliness, isn’t it nice?