Dreaming of morning dew flickering and shining means that the spirit can be enriched. In other words, this period of time should be more thoughtful. What is life and what is love? Further thinking about these issues will inevitably have new insights.

Dreaming of walking in the dew, love develops quite well. The two have a heart-to-heart, and always hate that time flies too fast when they meet, so they will invisibly delay the time to go home. At least twice, you have to go home earlier.

To dream of walking on frost and dew will win the highest prize. Commodity bonuses, lottery draws in department stores, lottery coupons, etc. are all available for participation. You may win the lottery again and again.

Dreaming that the body is wet with dew, there is an undercurrent in interpersonal relationships. Especially with teachers who hate subjects, you can't establish a good relationship, so be careful not to make your grades plummet because of this.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dew or light rain represents a sense of novelty and spiritual recovery in a dream. It may be something you haven't noticed yet, and you can only get it through an external source.

Psychoanalysis: Change and purification are not always triggered by emotional bursts. The dew in the dream tells you that soft feelings, and sometimes even feelings that are almost imperceptible, can make a great uproar.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, the dew in the dream represents spiritual recovery and blessing.