The dark and dense jungle is an important symbol of subconsciousness and inner impulse. In Jung's view, the dreamer is afraid of walking through the forest, which means he is afraid of exposing the true thoughts in his subconscious. Freud believes that tangled vegetation is a symbol of pubic hair, a symbolic act of walking through the forest.

Generally speaking, dreaming of going through the forest means that you may lose or give up something important. For example, before you prepare to lose your virgin body, you may have such a dream.

No matter what you dream in your dream, you can clearly feel that the background is a large forest. The forest is lush and peaceful. At the same time, it may also contain danger. This may indicate that you are entering a period of change in your life and experiencing a new living environment. .

To dream of losing your way in the forest , you may fall into trouble because of being fooled by others, especially when it comes to money, beware of money loss and loss of credit, or being implicated by others. Be careful not to be influenced by others and easily move the funds in the plan. In addition, dreaming of losing your way in the forest, in terms of inner growth, may also indicate that your mentality is about to undergo a change.

If you dream of walking into the forest is taking a special journey, for example, the purpose of entering the forest in your dream is to obtain special abilities or wisdom from a hermit or a fairy, then the forest symbolizes the battlefield where you have undergone training and tempering in reality. After the test, you will realize the transformation of your life.

To dream of lush trees and lush green leaves in the forest indicates a happy mood and everything is thriving; for people engaged in culture and art, this dream indicates that the public will appreciate their works and improve their social reputation.

If the forest in your dream is a paradise from the hustle and bustle, you may have been under a lot of pressure recently. Dreaming this dream expresses your disgust with the endless troubles around you.

To dream of hiding in the forest indicates that the difficulties you are facing now will be resolved smoothly.

To dream of a couple walking towards the forest reflects your secret desire or yearning for romance.

Dreaming of wandering in the forest indicates that there will be a crisis in your love. When your lover is confused and empathizes for a while, care about each other more at this time.

Dreaming of hunting in the forest indicates that your opponent may defeat yourself and you need to be more prepared.

People who are away from home dream of the forest, indicating that they will return.

The patient dreamed of the forest, indicating that the condition may be repeated or worsened.

Dreaming of a forest fire is a good thing, indicating that you will receive good news.

Zhouyi Interpretation of Dreams

Dreaming of passing through the forest: a good omen in material aspects. Perhaps the father received the red envelope and will give you a set of expensive audio equipment; or a friend will give you a gift, etc., which will be fun. It may be because you are usually a good person!

The interviewer dreams of going through the forest and then interviewing for a job: The job hunting fortune is still sluggish and there are few suitable opportunities. It is a good time to reflect and adjust and re-establish the direction of job hunting.

Middle-aged and elderly people dream of passing through the forest to your health: there is a possibility of inflammation in the throat. The body is beginning to get fat, pay attention to the light diet.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Seeing the forest, the Lord has wealth. Dreamsmeaning Book

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Dreaming of a forest or a forest community means that you have stepped into a female country. The forest is often a place where loyalty is tested and ceremonies are held. It exposes you to your emotional self, teaches you the secrets of your nature, and teaches you to understand your own spiritual world.

Psychoanalysis: Dark or enchanted forests, forests that often appear in fairy tales, usually symbolize a new beginning. The soul goes deep into the unrecognized realm. In order to feel and feel what is happening around it, it must act instinctively and use its abilities. The forest in the dream may also indicate that you have lost your way.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, the forest symbolizes the spirit or the female.

A case study of dreaming about the forest

Dream description: I grew up in the forest area and have a special affection for the forest. I love the vast forest sea, I love the vigorous vitality. How many times have I dreamed that I was walking in a green forest, breathing fresh air, and feeling the magnificence and vitality of the forest. (Male, 31 years old)

Dream analysis: dreaming of forests represents success and luck, harvest and wealth. Dreaming of boundless forests indicates that you are a very capable and energetic person, and new vitality will appear in business activities; dreaming of lush forests indicates that your career will be vigorous and prosperous, in the near future In the future, impressive achievements will be made.