To dream of a strong wind blowing a big tree, there will be a small situation in the fortune of wealth, but the fortune will be prosperous in the near future.

Students dream that the strong wind blows the big trees, which means their academic performance. Pre-class preparation for subjects that they feel is difficult is an important choice for passive to active change. Through previewing, you can understand what you have learned, and you can get the joy of success; for the old knowledge that you have felt unfamiliar, after reviewing, you can lay a good foundation for learning new knowledge; for the difficulties and doubts that you can’t understand, Having a good idea, it is convenient for you to concentrate on listening in class and solve difficult problems. Long-term pre-study of subjects with poor foundations will gradually change from passive to active.

Dreaming that the strong wind breaks the tree, your whole fortune is safe and sound, and there will be no problems. You will be bored!

The employee dreams that the strong wind breaks the big tree, that wealth is closely related to the family, and has the opportunity to receive financial support from the family, but the large expenditure is often caused by family activities.

Dreaming of broken or dry branches means that your relatives or friends may be in trouble in their lives.

Dreaming of broken branches means that there is no friend to help in times of difficulty.

Dreaming that the branches are broken, it means that money can't get other income.

Dreaming about broken branches

Dreaming of tree branches symbolizes your relatives and friends.

Dreaming that the branches are very luxuriant means that you have a close relationship with your relatives and friends.