Generally speaking, where there is a river, the river is the place with the most water, and the dry river indicates that there is already a severe shortage of water there. Water is the source of life. Water shortage will seriously affect all aspects of people's daily life. Is it OK to dream about the dry river? What is the meaning of dreaming about the dry river?

Dream interpretation thinks that dreaming of rivers is a sign of good fortune, and many hint that there may be good news in the near future. Perhaps it is the dreamer ’s recent career that will make great progress. The opportunity to get a promotion and salary increase is that the dreamer will learn more useful knowledge in his studies. It is recommended that the dreamer grasp it when the opportunity arises, and the dreamer will be able to achieve extraordinary achievements.

Some people in dream interpretation think that dreaming about the dried-up river bank usually indicates that the dreamer ’s recent property may be damaged. It may be that the dreamer has recently increased expenses due to certain things. It is because the dreamer has recently trusted others Being deceived, etc. reminds dreamers to pay more attention in the near future, not to trust others, and to control themselves in terms of economic expenditure, etc., so that it may be able to avoid more loss of wealth.

Dreaming of the dry river, this dream is to remind the dreamer that the recent phenomenon of drought may occur near the dreamer's location, and it is a hint that the price of water near the dreamer's location will rise, which is closely related to the dreamer's life. Dreamers should pay more attention.

Dreaming of fishing by the river means that there will be a setback in communication. For example, in dating, the other person's eyes are always aimed at other opposite sex. Because of your blame, it creates a tense atmosphere between the two and so on. You are too jealous!