Dreaming that there is ice floe on the river, it means that you will have a bad-tempered friend, or a friend who is very jealous, which will cause trouble in your life and make you restless.

Dreaming of walking on the ice means that your life is now highly respected, but because you are too adventurous, if you keep doing something sneaky, it will threaten your current situation.

Dreaming of ice or ice cubes is a symbol of frustration. It means that people with wrong intentions will pull your hind legs when you are successful. Dreaming that you are making ice means that your body is getting worse. If you bathe in ice , it means that something unexpected can ruin your life.

Dreaming of slipping on a frozen snowy road may indicate an abnormal behavior. May overturn the lunch box and make a fool of it in the eyes.

Dreaming of icing means that you are not satisfied with your current standard of living. You have always wanted to be able to make a lot of money and live a rich life. This is also a warning sign of poor health.

Dreaming of hail means that you will be unhappy recently, but luck will soon come. If you are just falling in love, you will also get a conscientious opposite sex soon after you know.