Dreaming of windy winds and good fortunes heralded that her status would improve.

The staff dreamed that the wind was a harbinger of promotion.

The patient dreamed of a windy wind and would soon recover.

The prisoner dreamed of wind and would soon be free.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: The wind appears in the dream, symbolizing reason. The significance of this dream depends mainly on wind. For example, a gentle breeze brings a sense of relaxation and joy. An imagination or a plan will stimulate your initiative. A storm may represent a principle you warmly support, and a north wind symbolizes a threat to your safety.

Psychological analysis: At the psychological level, windy wind represents a new and deeper consciousness. In the Bible, the gods come into roaring winds. The gale can also symbolize the revelation of God in dreams.

Spiritual Symbol: Windy, symbolizing the movement of spiritual power and life in a dream.