Dreaming of the water in the creek, business or work will fail completely.

Candidates dreamed that the water omen of the creek had poor test results.

The female dreamed that the water owner of the creek was traveling, traveling with her companion, and being alone was not good.

Dreaming of streams indicates the vitality, vitality and inspiration of life, and sometimes also indicates the course of life.

In the dream, the stream is clear and transparent, and the flow rate is slow, which means that you are now living elegantly and comfortably, and you don't need to worry about things.

Dreaming of a stream means that you will start a short journey and feel a new experience. If the creek floods, trouble will come suddenly, but fortunately it will be short-lived.

If the stream dries up, you will be disappointed that someone else has acquired what you have been trying to protect.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Mengxi water flow is mimi, good luck, and mastery. Literati dreamed of this, fame and fame were effective; ordinary people dreamed, financial benefits stand; sick dreams, longevity. The Lord is willing to do everything. Menglin Xuanjie