Generally speaking, whatever you dream about in your dreams is a sign of a major change in your life due to your efforts and creativity.

Dreaming of the idol flashing, suggesting that luck is coming to you.

Shareholders dreamed that the idol flashed, indicating that the stock price was high, and if it was low, it would be priced. Remember its position and judge it by its level.

The patient dreamed that the idol flashed, indicating that you were about to recover.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation: dream fire flower represents the start. It means that if he feels or sees the spark, he understands that his lawsuit or proceeding can end as expected. A small Mars can cause a deforestation fire .

Psychoanalysis: From a spiritual perspective, sparks symbolize potential creativity. Once the conditions are ripe and the opportunity is available, its creativity can fully develop and grow. Sparks are the driving force behind life, so you should know his original interest in life.

Spiritual Symbol: From a spiritual perspective, sparks represent fire and therefore also love. It is the driving force of life. No one can lack it, otherwise there will be no life.