Evening means taking time, soothing emotions, fighting for rest, and satisfying calm.

The night scenes in the dreams represent murky light, the boundaries of reason and sobriety.

The appearance of the dream and the scenes related to the night marked the old age and many years of experience.

Dreaming of a moonlit night expresses a happy mood.

In your dreams, if you feel that the night is very short and the night passes quickly, it means that even if you have a little discomfort or some depression now, you will soon be healthy, fit and energetic. If you are sick, your body is about to recover.

The wife dreams of a night without the moon, which means that you really want to love your husband or want to make up for the recent widened distance between you, but you have some weaknesses, and you have more than enough heart.

If you see a dark and dim night in your dream, it means that what you are currently doing may be obstacles or delays.

If you dream of an airy evening, it implies that you will be relaxed from middle age to old age.