Dreaming of rain in the house is a symbol of improving wealth. If you use a container to pick it up in a leaking place, it would be better to hold it.

Dreaming of getting wet from the rain indicates that you should pay more attention to your health, especially the digestive organs, and be careful of diarrhea caused by eating problems .

Dreaming of rain leaking from the ceiling means that attention must be paid to the health of the digestive system. Beware of overeating, which may cause indigestion; or enteritis from eating leftover food in the refrigerator.

Dreaming about leaking rain means that a family will have a fierce dream of the patient or oneself being entangled by the illness. However, if you use a container to accept the leaking rain, your income will increase and your family's economy will gradually become richer.

Dreaming of rain leaking at home means that you must pay attention to the health of the digestive system. Be careful that overeating may cause indigestion; or suffer from enteritis due to eating leftover food in the refrigerator.

Dreaming of a leaking house and a little bird flying into the house and constantly chirping. This means that there will be an impactful development in the relationship. Maybe your broken-up lover will reunite with you, or you have already given up Suddenly, the object of you has a good impression of you and associates with you, which is a symbol of the revival of love.

Case Study of Dreaming of Rain Leaking ( )

Dream description: I live in a building, but my dream home is a bungalow. I was sleeping, and suddenly thunder rang out the window, and soon it started to rain heavily. I quickly got up and closed the window. Only then did I find that the house was leaking, and I was busy looking for a basin to catch the rain, which kept me busy that day. (Female, 35 years old)

Dream analysis: dreaming of a house leaking rain is reminding you to pay attention to your health. When you dream of rain leaks on the roof and ceiling, pay special attention to digestive diseases, avoid overeating, do not eat foods that have been stored in the refrigerator for too long, and do not eat too much cold food. In short, one should take proper measures and restraint in eating and drinking, so as to be beneficial to health.