The light in the dream represents the spirit or truth. Since truth has no concrete image, it is displayed in the form of light in the dream.

Dreaming of radiant light indicates that you will become a rich man;

Dreaming of the sun shining brightly indicates that the career is in full swing;

Dreaming of Yingying Moonlight means that romantic life is particularly happy;

Dreaming of the light coming from the end of the tunnel indicates that you have the ability to overcome the difficulties in front of you;

Dreaming of bright lights means that your senses have become sharper and your eyesight has become better.

A case study of dreaming of light

Dream description: I dreamt that I was traveling outside. I was going to the beach to watch the sunrise. As soon as the day broke, I walked towards the beach. When I walked to the beach, the sun had already risen. At this time, the radiant sun shot out ten thousand rays of glow. (Male, 28 years old)

Dream analysis: The light in the dream represents career and emotion. The shining scene in the dream is a very auspicious dream, which indicates that you will become a rich man. Dreaming of the radiant sun indicates that your career is in full swing. Dreaming of a moonlit moon means that your feelings are particularly happy. Dreaming of light is a symbol of happiness and sweetness. Dreaming of halo means traveling and friends. Dreaming of light beams means hope and help. Dreaming of flashing light is a symbol of success and wealth.