Mountains are often associated with exhausted, timid, or smug mental states, and are a symbol of goals, problems, hope, and suffering.

Seeing mountains in your dreams symbolizes that you must overcome obstacles.

Dreaming that you are standing on top of a mountain indicates that you will successfully overcome your timidity, achieve your goals, and win praise. But it also reminds you that if you are proud and complacent, you will go downhill. But if you are in love, this dream indicates that there will be many troubles in love. In addition to the current lover, there may be another attractive opposite sex to pursue you, giving you some bad choices. If you are paying attention to yourself and standing at the peak of your dreams, it means that you will be able to recognize yourself better.

Dreaming of mountain climbing means step by step, indicating that work will be promoted and the future is great. It also means that you need to work hard to overcome the difficulties.

Dreaming of climbing a mountain represents the conquest of a difficult problem. If you dream that you can't climb anyway, you may be reminded that your efforts are wrong.

Dreaming of climbing the mountain with your friends indicates that when you encounter difficulties, you will get the support of your friends. Sincere friendship will help you through the difficult times.

Dreaming of going through a lot of hard work and climbing high mountains, foreshadowing that you will soon be busy and remember. There are a lot of activities, there is almost no time for rest and entertainment, but you will feel happy and fulfilled mentally.

Dreaming of going downhill, high-ranking people dream of going downhill, indicating that life is starting to go downhill; people of low status dreaming of going downhill, but it means that there may be opportunities to get ahead.

Dreaming of falling down from the mountain reminds you to be careful. Maybe you are cautious, but there are still a lot of careless things in your daily work and life.

Dreaming of standing on the top of the mountain and looking down into the valley, and feeling very scared. This is a sign of your recent emotional instability. It reminds you to think twice before doing things. Don't regret making impulsive decisions and causing losses. Remorse.

Dreaming of looking up at the mountains below the foothills indicates that the hope for a year is likely to be realized by the end of the year. Maybe annual leave, maybe bonus, maybe a wonderful trip, anyway, dream will come true.

Dreaming of a precipitous stretch of mountains, this dream reflects a strong masculine meaning, indicating that you have a deep interest in sex, or are being attracted by some kind of masculinity.

Dreaming of a hill with a gentle slope, it reflects the message of women. Maybe you have a good relationship with your mother or some female friends in life, and women make you feel safe.

Dreaming of snow-capped mountains, if it is the snow-capped mountains reflected by the rising sun, it means that you have the desire to get married .

Dreaming of clouds and mists floating in the mountains, or falling peaks, reminds you that there is still some distance to achieve your goals, and there are still some difficulties to overcome, so you must wait patiently.

Dreaming that I am lost in the mountains is a sign that I will be instructed and helped in my life; in the development of my career, I may be appreciated and given advice by my predecessors in order to get promotion. But don't be dependent on it. Real success depends on your own strength, so you must work hard to enrich yourself.

Dreaming of the discovery of treasures in the mountains, foreshadows the recent economic situation. There may be unexpected inputs, but the overhead will increase.

Dreaming of camping in the valley foreshadows sexual encounters. Maybe the opposite sex who has met by chance may have sex. But the actual result lies in your grasp of yourself.

Dreaming of being attacked by a man or snake in the mountains is a sign of your recent dissatisfaction. Maybe you have been tempted by sex unconsciously, and your reason hasn't been taken seriously; maybe your body is secretly craving for sex, and your strong moral concepts impose many restraints on you.

Dreaming that you are going to climb the snow-capped cliffs in winter indicates that your work or academic performance will be greatly improved. Even for jobs that I didn't like before, or subjects that weren't very good, I suddenly had the courage to challenge.

I dreamed that I was running on the watershed, indicating that I might have trouble getting along with others, and that I might have conflicts with classmates, teachers, and colleagues with different personalities. Avoid disagreements with people and films.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Holding things up the mountain, pregnant Takako. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Climbing and climbing trees are all good luck. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

There are happy events in the high mountains. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Dream hold uphill. Dream of pregnant women . This is the first sign of difficulty. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Ben Ershan. Ershan is a character, who is trapped in a prisoner, dreams of forgiveness; those trapped in the battle get off, and those who are sick on the mattress come to the doctor. There is help, good luck. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Deng high rain resistance. The person who dreams of this can't make his name known, the profit can't be fully obtained, the lawsuit is resolved, and the patient is getting better. Mysterious Dreams

Dream mountain climbing. Relatives pushed this, and where the dream had died, the Lord's Master would rise. Mengjun climbed the mountain. There is a mountain on the king and a sign of ascension. Mengchen Mountaineering, the position of Lu Rongqian, is He Shan in detail, in order of pushing the grade; interviewing people with the name of the mountain word can be used as a confidant. Dream parents climb mountains, nobles are good, patients are fierce. The father climbed and the mother climbed. The dream woman climbs the mountain, the sick person is embarrassed, and the pregnant person is virtuous, and the flat owner can benefit from money. Dream children climbing, nobles and expensive, sick patients. The dream brothers climbed on the rocks, with hands and feet with Deng Kedi, the image of Lian Fang, and Jiaxiang. Meng Shimeng climbed mountains, people became immortals on the mountain, and the master succeeded. The noble return to the mountain, the old return to the dead. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming of mountaineering is pushed up. You are assured and you are saved. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming of climbing to the ground, ascending to the middle of the mountain. Those who have fallen to the ground are good and bad; they rise to the mountains and climb up; they fall to the ground and fall. Noble dreams, demotion and loss of position; business to prevent wealth, the patient is difficult to cure. Dreaming up to the middle of the mountain, everything starts and ends. Mysterious Dreams

Dream negative mountain is powerful. Zhao Ren is the throne, holds power, eats big lu, gains big profits, and makes things easy. Mysterious Dreams

Menghuan Mountain Ben, Ji. The main national movement was ZTE, the family business was reorganized, the marriage was a success, and the litigants recovered. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming of going up the mountain, everything you want. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreaming of living in Sheshan, Daji. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreams live in high mountains, Daji. The main benefit of the dream is prolonged, and the official gains. The literati is an outstanding crowd. Mysterious Dreams

The dream is open, and the Lord is accessible. Mysterious Dreams

Mengkaishan. In the dream of the Zen family, the Lord can become a Buddha; in the dream of ordinary people, the Lord is the funeral. "Secret Secretary"

Dream Castle, Daji. The younger one dreams, the younger couple, is known as Suiji; the patient returns to old age, and the life is boundless; the guest travels to dreams, homesickness. Mysterious Dreams

Mengshan opened, the Lord is the auspiciousness of interest and the sign of prosperity. "Secret Secretary"

Mengshan color cloud cage. Obscure also. Dreamers must carefully consider the matter. Mysterious Dreams

Seeing people on Mengshan, Ji. Things are up, and joy meets. Mysterious Dreams

Mengshan line, Daji. Falcon Hill, the highest position, Hengtong distinguished image. Hold the power, make a profit, enjoy a great blessing, rich and good. Mysterious Dreams

Dream mountain trip. For those who dream of this, the Lord holds great power, obtains great profits, enjoys great blessings, riches and auspiciousness, and beautiful beauty. Those who are besieged may be out. "Secret Secretary"

Mengshan has red qi, Ji. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming uphill fear. The noble dream comes to an end, the happiness of the flat dream increases, but the woman's dream is not good. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming of mountain people with arms and feet, fierce. People are fierce characters on the mountain, this sign is not sick and there is a period for Xigui. Mysterious Dreams

The dream went uphill, and the Lord turned to victory, and he was helped. "Secret Secretary"

Meng Shoushan, Daji. In charge, the mountain has a stubbornness, the incumbent officer, the flat person meets the expensive, and the woman's wife wins the son of Hualulu. Mysterious Dreams

Mengtu Mountain is broken, the valley is broken, the mountain suddenly becomes flat, and the flat land becomes a mountain. Mengshan is bad, the main eyebrow and nose are injured, and his homeland is ruined. It is not suitable for boating. Dream landslide, the image of falling fall. The dream turned flat, and all the previous achievements were abandoned. Dream land into a mountain, go forward bravely. Mysterious Dreams

Dream on the mountain. The Lord had unexpected adventures, the joy of men and women, and they came by accident. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Yao sees Takayama, Kichi. Good things happen to the Lord. If the parents are present, the Lord is a sign of longevity. Mysterious Dreams

Sleepwalking mountains. Spring Ji, summer disaster, autumn gloom, winter fierce. Mysterious Dreams

Sleepwalking in the famous mountains of Wuyue Emei. Fan Meng ascends the famous mountain giant town, the height is obvious. Mysterious Dreams

Mountain climbing in the dream rain, fierce. This sign is fierce when people are on the mountain. This is a sign of danger. The patient dreamed that Xigui was approaching. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Zhishan opened the road, the main good luck, is a sign of Hengtong's progress. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Zhongji climbed up, Ji. The noble man dreams of this, Zuo Jiuzong; the scholars dream of it, and the world is famous. Doing business with high hopes, the lawsuit is a victory. Mysterious Dreams

The mountain is rich and blessed. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Farm in the mountains, rich food and clothing. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

The mountain was destroyed, the Lord was fierce. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Fear uphill, Lu is here. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Into the mountains, Pepsi. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Ascended to the ground, the Lord lost his position. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

When others go down the hill, litigation is profitable. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Down the mountain, the Lord's reputation swept the ground. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Go up and down the mountain, and go. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

See the mountains, spring and summer. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Seeing mountains in your dreams is usually a symbol of a heavy obstacle you must overcome. If you have the courage to climb up a mountain, you will overcome your fear and win praise from your consciousness. Peaks mean goals. If you slide down the mountain, you still have a lot of carelessness in your daily life.

Psychoanalysis: People have to overcome numerous difficulties throughout their lives. Of course, what matters here is how people encounter these difficulties. Dreaming of mountains can give people many possibilities for explanation. Your attitude towards the mountain reflects the daily psychological attitude of the dreamer.

Spiritual Symbol: From the perspective of psychiatry, seeing mountains in dreams indicates hope and difficulty.