Dreaming of a fire of stars in the dark, suggesting that your new plan will go smoothly. If you are starting to learn English conversation, calligraphy, guitar, piano, etc., it means that you will succeed.

Dreaming of the flames ascending from a distance, there is a high possibility of mistakes due to negligence. Remember the date of the appointment incorrectly, and leave the other person waiting for an hour ... something like this, don't let it happen.

Dream fire burning mountain, indicating that there may be a disaster. On the one hand, there is the difficult phase of water, to try to avoid going near the sea where there is water, lakes, rivers, etc., swimming pool is no exception; on the other hand, there may be stolen, pay attention to take care of money and valuables, Be especially careful of thieves when going out.

Dreaming of fireworks falling on yourself means that you are easily tempted and you must restrain yourself with a strong will.

Dreaming that the fireworks are soaring into the sky indicates that there will be good things in the people around you. Some members of the family may be promoted or paid more.

Dreaming of the fireball flying in the air means that he has a keen sense of intuition in the near future. If you are a student, you may guess the exam questions.

Dreaming that wildfires are burning vigorously, indicating that there is wealth and income will increase. Merchants have a wealth of money, business is booming, and there may be a large amount of money in the near future.

Dreaming of a pile of fires , foretelling that in the near future, the position may be promoted.

Dreaming that the firewood was burning vigorously, the representative fell in love with his lover. Pay attention to keep calm appropriately.

Dreaming of walking with a torch represents a significant progress in love, and the person you have been pursuing, or someone who has no interest in you at first, will be moved by your true feelings. If it is a sincere feeling and long-term pursuit, it will eventually win the favor of the sweetheart.

If you often dream about fire, or work with fire, work by the fire, exposed to the fire, thirsty, etc., it may indicate a disease such as high blood pressure, it is best to go to the hospital in time.