Dreaming of clouds covering the sun, your health is likely to be in trouble. Think about it, haven't you been working hard? If so, it is more likely that overwork will cause a fever instead of lying down. . In addition, don't be too stubborn in social activities and so on. Drink less and drink less, or you will hurt your body.

Dreaming that the sky was suddenly overcast, showing that there was a shadow in health. Pay particular attention to diseases of the digestive system. Stop eating hamburgers, red bean soup and other snacks on your way home.

Dreaming that the moon is covered by clouds means that what you have built up over a period of time may be lost, and unlucky things may happen.

Dreaming that the sun is covered by clouds, it means that your physical condition is not good, it may be caused by overwork, so take good care and take adequate rest.

Dreaming of cloudy, ominous omen, bad news will be received in life.

The patient dreamed that it was cloudy and his condition did not improve.

The prisoner dreamed that it would be cloudy and would not be free in the near future.

Businessmen dream of cloudy days and business will lose money.