If you dream of a flood dike, it implies that you want to build a strong defense system to seek a certain sense of inner security or a sense of grasp of the situation. In other words, you are a little afraid of interacting with people, and you don't even confide in others.

The river embankment in the dream is very high. You may have noticed the obstacles ahead in your subconsciousness, indicating that you will retreat or stop moving forward.

The river on the other side of the embankment in Mengli can be seen very clearly, and if you have the urge to wash clothes and carry water in the past and find it convenient, you may benefit from the restoration of an old relationship.

To dream of clear water pouring down from the mill dam indicates something that makes people happy in business or socially.

If the dream of water dam pouring down the water was dirty, indicating that you will encounter failure, or you had thought very pleasant thing, makes you worry unbearable.

If you dream that the dam is drying up, it indicates that your career will show signs of landslide.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Seeing a dam in a dream may mean many different meanings. The dreamer may be storing feelings and desires, trying to prevent him from pouring out his feelings to others. If the dreamer himself builds the dam in his dream, he is building a protective embankment for self-defense. If you dream of the collapse of the dam, it reminds the dreamer to worry about not being able to control his feelings for a long time.

Psychoanalysis: Generally speaking, when people need to control their feelings from the conscious aspect, dream life will provide him with a natural way to express difficulties, or make them disappointed and frustrated. Therefore, overflowing dams or dams collapsing are recurring patterns.

Spiritual symbol: From this point of view, the embankment of spiritual development symbolizes the various limitations of art stacking.